Monday, April 15, 2019

Album review from Phoebe's Rainbow World

New Music - February 22nd

February 25, 2019|MUSIC REVIEW - LGBTQ+
Dar Stellabotta shares her coming out journey and struggle in her new EP Lo-Fi Rejection. Stellabotta wrote all of the songs and plays all of the instruments on the EP (cigar box guitar, distortion, slide, and kick drum). "Rock in My Shoe" is a call for to women throw off the contraptions of beauty and societal standards. "Oh Well" and "Lo-Fi Rejection" speaks to the people who walk away when they cannot deal with a new truth or in this case homosexuality. The slide guitar solo in this song is a nice highlight. "Tractor" and "Marry A Rich Dude" lament the need to work hard which we can all relate to, but Stellabotta does it tongue in cheek. My favorite song on the EP is "The Stripper from West Virginia" probably because I have never heard someone's reality sang with such verve and grit. It is a toe tapper, the lyrics had me smiling, and I could see the reality of the stripper's life as I was jamming - that is talent. Lo-Fi Rejection is being released on green translucent vinyl around March 20, 2019. 

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