Saturday, August 18, 2018

Stripper from WV (studio version single) Release Today

Hey Everybody, releasing my new song today "Stripper from WV (studio version single)" You can download it for free or pay. Thank you for all your support and love, you are the reason why I keep making my music. I appreciate all your likes and comments on all my post. One magical thing about social media is it creates a free channel for artist to share their art work and for that I am grateful. So please check out the track, have a great day and may peace and love be with you.

This track was recorded at KMH Recording Studio in Lusby Maryland on a vintage Gibson amp from the 1940s, with a kick drum and cigar box guitar live.

Written and composed by: Dar Stellabotta

I know a stripper from West Virginia
she's a jack of all trades
she only dances to
rock music on the stage
she dances at the Golden horse shoe
its on the out skirts of town
just come on in
if you want to get down
she lives in a trailer park
its just up the street
its dilapidated and busted up
boy that thing is beat
she got running water
but it aint no good
she aint got no heat
no fireplace for wood
her neighbor next door
is a rickety old man
he's a son of a bitch
he don't give a damn
she gonna pay the bills
no matter what it takes
she'll give you a run for your money
she'll jiggle, she'll shake

released August 17, 2018
All instruments and vocals Dar Stellabotta.
Recorded at KMH studios Lusby Maryland.