Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017 

Dar Stellabotta made the blues on a guitar that she made herself

Dar Stellabotta is a blueswoman who made her own guitar with a cigar box. Alone on stage with a bass drum on which she beats the rhythm and voice to the nasal accent, the artist has released a full album of feeling early. Big crush!

Miles away from my usual passions, Dar Stellabotta is an artist who won me over immediately. I watched the video of 'Herb Lady' and I loved this sound that reminded me of the first albums of Ben Harper, Brother Dege music and of course Muddy Waters. Like the latter, Dar Stellabotta play the Cigar Box Guitar, an instrument whose trunk is a cigar box. The young woman has made herself this instrument, she explains the methodology on its facebook page and if you are not handy enough to build your own instrument, Dar Stellabotta also sells. A first album called One Woman Jam was released in September 2017 with nine titles organic and full of feeling. For my part, it is with 'Herb Lady' I discovered the disc, and even if I then had a big crush on 'Barren' or 'Grim Reaper', I still propose to start with 'Herb Lady', because the artist was loaned to an exercise in style by offering YouTube amplified version and an acoustic version of the song. We listen to the amplified here:

Of course, it's more fun in pictures (with the acoustic version of 'Herb Lady', but there is also a video of the amplified version):

In addition to the immediate pleasure of listening, I also like the Dar Stellabotta project because it shows you can be a one-woman band and render a rich and rhythmic atmosphere without appeal to electronics to overcome the lack of a drummer. In the purest tradition of the men of the Orchestra, Dar Stellabotta has need of a speaker, an amplifier, a microphone, her cigar box guitar and her bass drum to pulverise the filly.

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